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We are really lucky to have SO many talented Wedding photographers in and around Hampshire, so I could sit here and write you a really long list of people who are epic photographers but that wouldn't help you in discovering the right one for you. I have asked three of these said photographers who I have had the pleasure of working with in the past to help me in writing this blog to give you the best insight possible in how to find your Wedding photographer. So big thanks to A Knights Tale Photography, Nadja Litau Wedding Photography and Ryan Hewett Photography for helping me out!

So where do you even start to find your perfect photographer?

Essentially it is what you should be doing with any supplier you want to work with. If you make that personal connection with an individual they will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and work with you to create and in turn you will trust them completely to make your Wedding day run smoothly - there should be NO stress on your wedding day, just excitement a few nerves and bags of fun! Choosing the perfect suppliers that you trust to help you achieve this is key and your photographer will be with you throughout the whole day so they definitely need to be the right fit for you.

Adam from 'A knights tale photography' puts it simply - " You only get one chance to pick the right photographer"


Shortlist a few photographers whose style suits your wedding vibe - you should take the time to research and understand which styles of photography you really like. Do you like the 'high fashion/fine art' look where the photographer takes the time to put you both in the right pose and make you look like a Vogue Cover model? Or do you prefer the more natural reportage look? (Don't be fooled these naturally gorgeous photos of you as a couple will take some guidance from your photographer to get that perfect shot) Nadja says she creates these types of photos by gently stepping in and giving her couples a gentle direction or two, she makes her couples feel relaxed and then she lets them take over and do their thing. If they start to feel a little lost she will jump in again to keep the photography on track, and lets be honest who doesn't need a little guidance in front of the camera?

After you have chosen one or two photographers then it is an absolute must that you take the time to meet them and discuss your wedding plans face to face. Adam, Nadja and Ryan were all very clear on this point....Meet your photographer. Use this meeting to discover whether you click and whether you can work together. Remember your photographer will be with you from the morning of your wedding until the end of your wedding day. If you are a quiet, reserved person you may not want a photographer who is the opposite and vice versa. Don't just make your decision based solely on price (this can definitely be applied to all wedding suppliers) yes, you are paying them for their skill and their service but don't be afraid to go that little extra to work with people that you truly connect with, someone who will laugh and cry at the speeches or someone who will get up on the dancefloor with all your guests and capture the raw emotion of the day. Your Photographer will be with all your friends and family and if you can gauge a good rapport with them everyone will be more likely to feel relaxed and comfortable and that is when your photographer will be able to get the most amazing, candid shots of your special day.


Once you have found that special photographer whose style you love and who you really click with then if you can you really should invest in a pre-wedding/engagement shoot. I asked Adam, Nadja and Ryan why you should go for this extra shoot and they all came back with the same answer. This is the opportunity for you to both get comfortable in front of the camera, to experiment with different poses to see which ones you are comfortable with and are the most flattering to you as a couple. You are able to use this time to build up a rapport with your photographer so that on your Wedding day you feel totally relaxed in front of the camera. Talking to Nadja she suggests you make a whole day away from wedding planning on your pre wedding shoot day, away from all the organising and wedding madness you can use this time to relax and spend some quality time together - book that favourite restaurant after your shoot or even go and relax in a spa together afterwards?

Definitely use the photos of your shoot and include them in your Wedding decor if possible - Ryan offers a signing photograph from this shoot for your guests to sign instead of a traditional guest book which is a great way to display all your guests wishes for you both.


I asked all three photographers "Why do you LOVE what you do?

A Knights Tale Photography " I love the photos where I get to be creative and add my own style. I also love the fact that every wedding is different and am always excited to see the way that different people celebrate"

Nadja Litau Wedding Photography " I am so grateful that I can call wedding photography my job even though the hours are long and can be stressful by the end of the day I feel blessed every time a couple chooses me to document one of the most important days in their lives and enables me to preserve the memories not just for them but for generations to come. I get really involved with my couples and go through all the emotions with them on their wedding day. I become more than just a photographer on the wedding day, that's what motivates me to do the best job I can for my couples."

Ryan Hewett Photography " I love everything about my job - from the excitement of receiving a new enquiry and meeting a couple for the first time, capturing their day, being around so many happy people at such a happy event right the way through to editing their gallery and creating beautiful images."

Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook are all great starts but be careful not to create a huge gallery with hundreds of pins/ saved photos - pick a few poses you like - find your venues best backdrops and colour tones that you like as inspiration. Along with the very first tip of which style of photography you like. No photographer will copy another photographers style - they are as unique as you and this is why will choose them!

I hope you have found this blog post useful in your wedding planning - I would love to hear your feedback - next weeks blog will be all about the beauty!





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