What flowers are in season when I am getting Married?

Updated: Mar 9

There are flowers that we can get hold of throughout the year. Roses, Lillies and Carnations are staple flowers that have been made available 12 months of the year in good condition through growers across the world.

If we look at British flowers or ‘best in season’ foreign grown flowers then the following lists will apply – this isn’t an exclusive list but some of my favourite flowers to use throughout the year.

Spring (March – May/June)

Spring is the time of year when nature is starting to wake up – I find this time of year so exciting – the colours of spring flowers are usually bright and cheerful but still quite muted. Gentle pinks, blues, yellows and greens.

Blossom is such a beautiful addition to Spring time arrangements, it can be a pricey addition to your arrangements but I think definitely worth it!

Tulips – I LOVE tulips – they aren’t the most long living cut flower and have to be treated with care but once you know how to treat them and work with them they are a great addition to any spring wedding. They come in so many varieties and colours so the options are endless.

Ranunculus – these gorgeous blooms flourish into flowers full of ruffles – the kloon and hanoi varieties are favorites in wedding work but there are also butterfly varieties that are so totally different and very elegant. Again the colour varieties of these flowers are vast.

Anenomes – again such an elegant flower with soft almost poppy like blooms.

Narcissi – or Daffodils – they have such a huge variety – small yellow middles, orange middles delicate small headed daffodils and large traditional blooms too.

Allium - from the onion family, but gorgeous purple round fluffy heads of blooms.

Hyacinth – love scent ?– these flowers certainly pack a punch! They have bell like clusters of flowers.

Foliage to accompany these flowers would normally be light green - such as pittosporum, eucalyptus and ruscus.

Summer – (June/August)

Summer is the season of abundance – so many flowers to choose from but here are just a few of my favourites;

Roses – although these are available all year round from abroad the British Roses really do come into their own now – you can’t beat the English rose. The scent is the main draw to our roses but the texture and look of them are unbeatable. Large Heads, Spray Roses and small headed roses. Colours vary from pastel tones to deep darker colours.

Sweet Peas; Such delicate blooms and delicate scent too – you only need a few stems of these beauties to make a subtle impact. Their colours are just as delicate too – pastel shades of pink, apricot and mauve.

All the cottage Garden Flowers are also in full swing – tall spires of Delphinium, Larkspur, cosmos, fresh grasses, zinnia, snaps and sunflowers and daisies are in abundance.

Autumn (September – November)

Autumn is all about the texture, dried grasses, berries, seeds and rich colour schemes of reds, oranges and greens.

Hydrangea are at their best now – rich autumn colours on big focal blooms.

Sunflowers are also still going strong.

Japanese anemone – delicate almost anemone like flowers – mainly in white and pink.

Dahlia- so many varieties - pompom, cactus, collarette to name but a few.

Winter (November – March)

Winter is a sleepy time for flowers but like the autumn texture comes into play – use of evergreen, darker foliage can really accentuate the flowers that you use.

Genista – or broom – a gorgeous scent and texture is created with this flower.

Wax Flowers – delicately scented small waxy textures/daisy like flower.

Hypericum Berries – berries are a great addition to winter weddings.

Helebores - or xmas rose. A delicate flower resembling a rambling rose.

Eryngium - or thistle

Roses – definitely also a staple winter flower.

Special considerations to note;

Favourite Foliage for weddings is Eucalyptus – this is not available (or very poor quality in the months of May-June)

Most asked for flower –the Peony – this gorgeous bloom is only available in May – June! You may get them early July but not beyond this, these are the most asked for wedding flower but have such a small window of availability.

This is just a small list of flowers that are available throughout the seasons - these are my most used flowers but by no means the whole availability of flowers.

If you are looking at buying a Bouquet and Buttonhole Package and you really want to include a particular flower, pop it in the enquiry form at the point of ordering and I will do my best to include it where I can.

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