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I hope you are all bearing up over this time of huge uncertainty but most of all I hope you and all your loved ones are well?

I am spending this time to reflect on my business as I have had to be part of making heartbreaking decisions with so many lovely couples who have had to postpone their Wedding day because of recent events. Which in turn means I have more time than expected on my hands.

As I have time on my hands (I use that term loosely as I am finding myself trying to keep my two children entertained and still learning throughout this period of isolation) I have decided to blog about all the amazing Wedding suppliers that are local to me and who I have had the pleasure of working alongside. A lot of us Wedding Suppliers are small businesses who are finding this time so difficult to manage both financially and emotionally as I think I speak for us all when I say we all get totally absorbed in all our couples plans and dreams for their perfect day.

As all of us seem to have a little more time on our hands I hope I can give you some helpful resources and support for those of you who have found yourselves having to postpone your weddings and not being able to re-book the same suppliers or for those of you who are planning your Weddings for 2021 and using this time to plan and would like some first hand recommendations about some great local suppliers who you can get to know and support in their businesses.


I will start by introducing myself - seems to be an appropriate place to start!!

Bloomin' Clares
With thanks to Nadja Litau Photography for the photos

So for those of you that don't know, my name is Clare - my business name came about because as a young girl my dear Granddad would make fun of me and call me 'Bloomin' Clare!' I don't know why as I was such a good girl (!)

My main business is Creating Wedding Flowers - I do also create bio-degradable Funeral Tributes and Flower Workshops in which I have just as much passion, however for the purposes of this blog I will concentrate on the Wedding Flowers.

I LOVE flowers - any kind of flower is my thing - I arrange them, I grow them, I read about them, I dry them, I press them, I buy them from local flower growers and I buy them from a great set of wholesalers who source them from further afield. I believe that flowers for your wedding are a luxury and as such they need to be fresh and luxurious. I love brides and grooms that push the boundaries with their wedding flowers - not following the traditional ideas for wedding flowers. I like to get to know my couples that I work with, when I meet with them I want to know everything about their wedding. What colours, what vibe, what dress, what suit, what makes them giggle, what makes them cry, all these things create a whole picture of who you are and what you wish your Wedding to look like and feel - most of my couples book me because they love flowers as much as me and they wish them to be a huge focal point to their day. And why not? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in the total beauty and joy that flowers bring.

I always try to to get scent into your designs too - I want your wedding flowers to ignite all your senses - so in years to come when you see or smell or touch 'that' flower you will be transported back to the most special day in your lives.

I work by totally immersing myself in your Wedding from day 1 to the final delivery and set up of your day. I only commit myself to your wedding, this way I can commit all my energy and enthusiasm to your day only. This offers you a totally bespoke and personal service. I start by creating an estimate and mood board for you (many brides start with their flowers if they are to be their main venue decorations - this way the mood board can help you bring together the other parts of your wedding decor to make a cohesive plan). If you like what you see I invite you to my home to sit around the table (preferably with a cuppa) and thrash out ideas together so we can finalize the finer details. I work from a workshop away from home but I am currently building my dream workshop in my back garden so I am super excited to show my new clients this workshop where I can showcase my props and flowers too - so watch this space!

The next phase is a deposit which secures your Wedding date in my diary - ideally you want to book your Wedding florist anytime from 12 - 9 months before you get married. Summer is always busier however I have been getting booked pretty much all year round over the past few years with a noticeable lull in January and February but otherwise us wedding florists are busy little bees so book up early to avoid disappointment!

I am always happy to take a trip to your venue if I haven't had the pleasure of creating there before, most of my couples become more like friends - lots of changes happen on the lead up to your wedding day and because I only commit myself to your wedding day I have the capacity to adapt to pretty much anything you throw at me (within reason!!) I don't limit the amount of calls or emails you send me, I want to work with you to create you dream wedding and sometimes that may mean changing things up and I am more than OK with that!

Useful Links

I am a massive book nerd and this is one of the first books I was given when I started my floristry business, I love this book and it always comes out on my consultations it has lots of English country garden type feels and I love the range of colour palletes it showcases. It provides all sorts of inspiration for your florals.

If blogs are more your thing then check out Floret Flowers for all sorts of inspiration on the different types of flowers available and the seasons in which they bloom - she is a flower farmer in the states and her passion for different varieties of cut flowers is great and can give you inspiration on seasonal blooms

Most of all enjoy the process of deciding on your Flowers for your wedding - it is an age old tradition to have flowers to celebrate your wedding day so make sure you choose the right florist to fit your style and who you feel comfortable enough to work with through all the planning stages of your Wedding day - if you think that might be me then please do get in touch and we can talk flowers!

Next Blog - Recommended Wedding Photographers ...... this is such a tough category as there are so many to choose from!!



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