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Love by Design and Bloomin' Clares

As a Wedding floral designer, my main passion is getting creative and transforming a venue into a unique space that reflects you as a couple. There is definitely a thin line between the florist and the stylists and I feel privileged to have worked beside all three stylists who have kindly helped me write this blog.

I believe that choosing a stylist can really transform your Wedding venue and I also believe that choosing your stylist is similar to choosing your florist – they will work closely with you and your ideas but ultimately they have their own style that you will be attracted to and coupled together with a good florist your venue can be transformed into your own personal, romantic dream wedding space.

The stylists truly are worth their weight in gold not only on the lead up, on the day but also after your Wedding day. They sweep in like undercover angels to set up the perfect setting and then they sweep right back in after your wedding to seamlessly take all the props and decorations away again, while you are sipping on your fresh orange juice and enjoying your first breakfast together as Man and Wife without a care in the world. Imagine not having to look at your watch after your wedding worrying about getting back to your venue to tidy, take down, take away, store all the props and decorations from the day before.

On an initial consultation the first thing your stylist will ask is the location of your venue, this will ultimately decide on the look and feel of the whole style, it is always better to enhance the venue rather than transform it into something it can’t be. No doubt you have chosen your venue because of the way it looks and the way it makes you feel so make the best of it! The grounds and the interior of the venue can all be enhanced with good styling. Your stylist will talk you through the process and give you ideas based on what you have shown them or told them. The main decorations are of course the table centres and table plans etc, but it is the smaller more delicate pieces that really add up to the bigger picture. For example the place names, the candle holders, the bespoke pieces (oh and of course some gorgeous flowers from your chosen florist will help bring the scheme together!!)

A great example of this is a Wedding that was styled by Laurel Designs last year at Southend Barns – a travel theme was explored and Laurel Designs went above and beyond to create a whole style of travel themed styling. Postcards, currency and memorabilia from the couples travels were all used within the styling to make it really personal along with bespoke miniature globes and of course lots of candlelight and foliage to really accentuate the beauty of the barn and the couples passion for travel.

Styling by Laurel Designs - Florals by floraldreams_florist

Another example of this was when I had the pleasure of working with Love by designs at Wedding in the Woods – a relaxed, informal almost festival themed wedding was created using props from the couples travels and elements of the places the couples had traveled were also used, Love by designs created bespoke pieces where needed to add that extra personal touch.

If you stick to a theme or an idea your stylist can work with you to bring that theme throughout your whole wedding – this will make a cohesive style and look throughout your wedding which will really help bring in the wow factor.

Love by Design and Bloomin' Clares

Like this winter wedding myself and Tie the Knot Events worked on together, with plenty of chic elegance brought together with plenty of clean lines and candlelight.

In almost all cases your stylist will take your vision and exceed your expectations – when I walk into a venue that has been styled it always blows me away – they have an ability to transform the space into a completely different space with ambiance and style!!

I think we are so lucky in Hampshire and Dorset to be surrounded by the most amazing countryside and within that there are so many beautiful venues to compliment it. Therefore the rustic, natural styling seems to be the most exciting to create from a stylists point of view. Rachel from Love by Design says she particularly loves this type of styling but with a rustic glam twist – to incorporate lots of candles and chiffon instead of the hessian.

Stylists, like florists get booked up early so once you have found your venue it is advisable to find the stylist that fits your vibe and who you click with as you will be working very closely with them throughout the whole planning stages of your wedding.

Tie the Knot Events and Bloomin' Clares

As always Pinterest is a great starting point for ideas on how to style your Wedding – but don’t get too bogged down in pinning everything you see. Choose a few ideas that really resonate with you, and then with the help of an epic stylist and florist we can help you bring those images to life but with your own personal twist on them.

Laurel Designs top tip – is make sure you get to see your wedding reception before your guests – take a moment just after you have been married, while your guests are toasting you with their drinks, to just stand together in the room that has been styled just for you. With all the romantic hues of candlelight, personal momentous and gorgeous floral scents and smells. Take it all in…. and then enjoy!!

Special thanks to Laurel Designs, Love By Design and Tie the Knot Events for helping me write this blog, I can't wait to work with you all again real soon!



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