May Bouquets!

Thought I would pop on the blog a little round up of the flowers that you might find in your Bouquets this month - my seasonal gift bouquets range from £35 - £50 with free delivery in and around Southampton, Eastleigh and Winchester!

The delicate Spring blooms are slowly fading away now - we are coming into early Summer blooms and they are stunning, here are some beauties you may find in your May Bouquet !

Mimosa, little powder puffs of bright yellow, brilliant for table decorations, meaning sensitivity, this guy is such a strong and powerful flower that has a great vase life - and if you are super thrifty you can dry mimosa too!

Agapanthus (African Lily) in Electric blue or white, the meaning of love. - these flowers are just coming into the cut flower season - they can be quite a statement in a bouquet. I fell totally in love with these flowers when we went on holiday to Cornwall a few years back.

(Lady’s Mantle) Alchemilla

Lovely little filler flowers for Bouquets and weddings - these are great for the country garden type vibe, the yellow/green in colour meaning magical and they definitely are that!

Allium (Flowering Onion) in deep purple and lavender, meaning elegance, unity and patience. I LOVE Allium - the can be on poker straight stems or crazy bendy stems and are another statement flower - but beware of the oniony smell when you recut their stems to prolong their life in the vase!

Sweet peas, a cute bloom, with a delicate scent, of all the flowers of May this has to be the sweetest - meaning pleasure.

Antirrhinum (Snap Dragon) in Pink Purple Burgundy, Yellow, and White, a very regal flower, meaning Grace and Strength. I remember playing withthese as a child - we used to all them bunny rabbits and squeeze their heads to make them into a bunny rabbits. A great bloom that adds height and depth to your floral arrangements.

Cornflower in Blue and Purple, simple and adorable, meaning Prosperity and fortune, This delicate bloom is finding its way into my arrangements more and more - they have a stunning star shaped petal which really stands out in a bouquet.

Stocks - ah the smell! I love it! Beautiful powerful colours that add height and impact to any arrangement.

Fancy any of the flowers above?

At least one or two if not more will be in my May bouquets so go on......treat yourself or someone special -



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