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Updated: Apr 24, 2020

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This week I would like to introduce you to the wonderful world of Wedding Stationery – I challenge anyone to say they do not have a weakness for stationery. I am a complete sucker for a new notepad, pen even a sticky note or two! So why would you compromise on your wedding stationery – everything about your Wedding should be special, bespoke and made with love. This is the most special day in your lives and all the little elements will build up to the bigger picture and your stationery is just the start!

I asked Carol from Laurel Designs who creates the most wonderful stationery and styling service to help me with this blog. Her stationery is first class and she has been an absolute gem in helping me write this blog, so thank you! All the images on this blog are a very small selection of what Laurel Designs has to offer.

Laurel Designs creates the most beautiful stationery to complement your styling so the whole theme of your wedding day will be cohesive. Sometimes it can be a really daunting prospect to choose the theme,colour or even vibe that will inevitably run through your whole Wedding day. If you have someone like Laurel Designs behind you it will definitely make the process less daunting. Carol will hold your hand through all the decision making if you are struggling with this – normally the venue you have chosen will dictate the overall feel of your wedding – for example a barn location lends itself perfectly to the rustic, country, relaxed style therefore your stationery will reflect this and the same goes for a more traditional, modern hotel venue which will lend itself to a more elegant, modern vibe.


Tradition has always suggested that the colour of the bridesmaids dresses is incorporated into the invitations, however it may be a good idea to incorporate an element of surprise, which will keep all your guests guessing. For example a neutral colour could be used instead of blush pink, this also helps when you approach your stationer before you have even thought of any colours or bridesmaids dresses. It gives you the scope to work around the general colour of your stationery without being completely committed to a particular colour.

To work out the design of the Stationery will depend on how much information you wish to include on the invites – such as venue accommodation, discount codes, gift lists etc.

Important note – Do not be afraid to ask your guests for money or vouchers – if you do not guide your guests towards a certain gift or indeed money (there are plenty of polite little ditty’s to incorporate onto the design so don’t worry about seeming rude or presumptuous) otherwise you will end up with 3 toasters, 4 marriage certificate holders and an egg cup because your guests will not come to your Wedding empty handed, they will want to give you something and they would probably feel less pressure on buying you the 'perfect' gift if they know exactly what you want.


Laurel Designs have an extensive range of designs in their studio if you do not have any idea on what you would like your stationery to look like you will definitely find one you like here! At this stage it is all about the design, you have to look past the elegant fonts and the pretty colours and just focus on the design. Do you like a flat double sided design, or perhaps a folded design with a pocket inside to place an RSVP. Laurel Designs have recently added a new chequebook style design with handy tabs with all the important information on too. The possibilities are endless!


The next stage is all about choosing the fonts, colours and images and this is when your invitations will really come alive! This is the exciting part – all your ideas and visions for your day are going to be encompassed on this exquisite piece of stationery.

The finishing touches will bring all the above elements together such as wrapping the invites in twine or silk ribbon? Whatever you use can then be incorporated into your styling. Twine for buttonholes, silk for tying off your bouquet maybe?!

When you leave Laurel Designs studio you will have seen and felt the quality of their products and you will leave super excited as this is the point at which your Wedding will become very real!


A list of Stationery that you may want to think about when planning your Stationery;

*Save the Dates

*Day Invites

*Evening Invites

*Guest Information Cards


*Place Settings


*Table Identifications/Numbers

*Table Plan

*Guest Book

*Thank You cards

*Welcome Signs

I would love to know your Stationery ideas please do let me know and if you loved Laurel Designs Stunning Stationery make sure you check out next weeks blog when I will be writing about Styling your Wedding and showcasing some great stylists including Laurel Design Event Styling.

Clare x

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