January Blooms not Blues!

As we are heading towards the end of January, I thought I would share a few of the Flowers and their meanings that made their way out into bouquets this January!


I love these delicate flowers, they come tightly in bud and bloom to be amazing! They

look like poppies with black hearts in white, pink, red, violet, and blue.

They stand for ‘I would like to be with you’ consideration and honesty.


Come in all colours and shapes, with the meaning of love, some may argue the original flower that was given to express the love of one person to another.


One of the most popular flowers that are available all year round

from around the globe. each colour representing something a little different;

White for true love.

Red for love and respect.

Pink for happiness.

Orange for longing.

Yellow for intimate friendship.


These little guys are very simular to a miniature peony/garden rose with their ruffles.

The name meaning ‘little frog’

They are a cheery flower and come in bright colours, cerise, orange, yellow, pink, red, and white.

They tell your loved one that they are charming and attractive.

As seen here on this flower crown of dreams!

What an amazing thought that these winter splashes of colour are here to brighten our day!



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