The month of December is for Wreaths, table decorations and gifts!

Some very different and amazing shrubs, plants and flowers appear at this time of year, here are just a few to be thinking about.

Lets start with the flower that is in the most abundance at the moment, the CHRYSANTHEMUM sometimes called Mums or chrysanths.

They came in an abundance of colours red, orange, yellow, peach, white and many contrasting shades of pink, they make beautiful splashes of colour in any Christmas arrangement. Crysanths have had a surge of popularity in recent years with varieites such as the santini and avignon.

HELLEBORE (Christmas Rose) Classic winter flowers in great shades of green, white, pink or ruby and have very handsome foliage to complement them .

FLOWERING KALE(Ornamental Cabbage) with its ruffled leaves drenched in pinks, purples and reds.

And for that all important green foliage at this time of year, it would not be Christmas without HOLLY this prickly green plant is used to enliven the Christmas spirit, and is especially beautiful when it is abundant with bright red berries.

SPRUCE FIR & PINE evergreen foliage great for everything Christmas, and great for those table decorations, and your door wreaths.

PUSSY WILLOW another great addition to your Christmas arrangements.

MISTLETOE looks amazing also, those little white berries, and the very pretty foliage.

Just add a few ribbons and bows, some little bells, a few fir cones, maybe a little sparkle here and there, MAGICAL!

I have updated my online shop with all my Xmas offerings so take a look - but be quick last year I sold out - last delivery date is the 22nd December this year.

Lots of Festive Cheer and Flowers



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