Happy Hair Days

This week I want to talk about your all important hair preparations for your Wedding day.

Kayleigh has helped me prepare for this blog – I trust her completely as she is my hairdresser and she knows more than anyone about how unprepared I am to write this blog about hair…. I am the worst at looking after my hair, my Mum despairs of me as she is also a hairdresser by trade, I spent all my school holidays mobile hairdressing with her but still I probably have more chance of finding dirt from the garden in my hair then a delicate hairclip!

Check out Kayleighs work from a photo shoot we created together last year (2019)

However, no-one can deny that fresh cut and styled feeling you get when you have your hair done – its special and that is why you NEED a professional to style your hair on your Wedding day. Not just for the beautiful way your hair will look and feel but because this will be the part of the day when everything you have worked so hard to plan and dream of finally starts to come together. You can sit back and enjoy the whole experience of being totally cared for, pampered and prepared to look stunning. And if you are anything like me in your normal day life (my Mum is now screaming at the computer saying no-one could possibly be like me!!) then this is the day when your hair will look and feel SO special which in turn will make you feel good, which will make you feel relaxed, which will prepare you to enjoy your whole day to the absolute max!

So how do you decide on what style of hair will suit you best for your Wedding day? You can find inspiration all over the web on different styles, choose some styles you like from the front, back and sides – you can then discuss these options with your hairdresser and they can help choose different elements from each style that will suit your hair type, your dress and maybe your veil if you are having one?

It is very important to have hair trials too – just like your dress, shoes, makeup even – sometimes something that you think would look really good in reality may not suit you. So always test it out so that on the morning of your wedding you are totally comfortable with the style that you are going to have.

The most important aspect of your hair style on your wedding day should be that you still look like you! Having a hairdresser that understands you and your style is so important. So choose wisely.

I asked Kayleigh what a typical wedding morning looks like from her point of view – the first thing she said was that she never sleeps the night before! I totally get this and I think this is definitely the sign of a good supplier, she invests all her passion of hairdressing into your Wedding day and just like me she is nervous and excited about your day. We are totally invested in your day to make it as perfect as possible for you.

She likes to get to you early and have a timing plan so that so that everyone knows what time they are having their hair done – because don’t forget it would be so special if you could include your bridesmaids and Mum and future Mum in Law to have their hair styled with you also? It is a moment in the morning that should be filled with all your closest family getting ready together in a chilled out environment. A good hairdresser will make you feel good about yourself and make you feel at ease with their professionalism and easy talking.

As with all wedding planning – this should be an enjoyable experience and remember above all “Always listen to your hairdresser they know you better than you know yourself”

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize - (with flowers preferably!!)

All Crowns created by @bloominclares

If you want to change your look up throughout the day then of course I would tell you to wear flowers in your hair during the day, when are you going to get the opportunity to wear a full flower crown again? I would always include a piece of lavender foliage here and there so you can smell the calming scent throughout your ceremony. Then maybe you could accessorize it with a handmade hair piece for the evening? There are some beautiful unique hair clips, slides, crowns that you can get hold of from some super talented suppliers such as Honey and Ember, White Design Bridal

Other Hairdressers I have had the pleasure of working with and would happily recommend alongside Kayleigh Hodder Hairdressing are Rachael Smith Hairdressing and Uptown Curls, see below for a snippet of their brilliant work.

Uptown Curls Rachael Smith Hairdressing Kayleigh Hodder Hairdressing

Happy Hair Days all.





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