Friday Floral Fix - Roses

Roses - such a classic beauty - the colours are endless and so are the names that go with each one, far to many to list !

They flower abundantly from early summer but have been a little late this year because of the colder weather we have experienced in the spring. They are one of the best cut flowers with a long cultural history, the rose was closely associated with Aphrodite and Venus.

There is no other flower more suitable for cutting than the rose, they are abundant and incredibly beautiful and if you are lucky enough some Dutch and pretty much all British grown varieties have incredible scents.

Roses of all varieties well with loose and formal arrangements alike so are brilliant for weddings. Along with the fact that they last out of water well enough for arrangement such as buttonholes and flower crowns.

There are ruffled garden roses, petite spray roses and delicate sweetheart roses, which come in just about every colour shade.

Roses are not only a classic, staple flower but are just so useful in every kind of arrangement imaginable.

Big up the roses !!

I am just getting geared up for this years wedding season but if you want to chat about wedding flowers for 2022 - get in touch here!

Clare x




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