Flower Friday Fix - Wax Flower

Each Friday I have decided to create a short blog based around a specific flower and all the flowery bit and bobs I'm up to!

This Friday I have chosen the humble wax flower (Chamaelaucium) -They are a flower from the myrtle family. I love these gorgeous filler flowers, they originate from Australia and have a very slight citrus type scent - especially when you condition them from the wholesalers by stripping their leaves off the stem -it helps create the most amazing scent in the workshop.

Their waxy petals are small but perfectly formed - they last very well out of water and as such are great flowers to work alongside Wedding flowers, they are a great alternative to Gypsophila.

They come in shades of white, pinks and mauves and you can get them pretty much all year round.

They are symbolic of patience and lasting love.

Flowery goings on in the workshop this week include;

  • Getting Christmas ready - I have had so much fun preparing for Xmas this year, it is nothing like I though it would be but the wreath kits I have managed to create with some super small business collaborations are full of flowery goodness and festive cheer! Grab yourself one now via this link.

  • Seed ordering - I have been prepared this year and used my spare time to order those all important seeds for next years cutting patch. Flowers on my seed list to order include; Sweet Peas, Asters, Cosmos, Delphinium, Larkspur, Nigella and Poppies (for their seed heads not their flowers because they just don't last in a vase!)

  • Weddings - Postponed NOT cancelled - staying positive about our Weddings next year, I am still taking on clients for the end of 2021 if you are thinking of an Autumn/Winter Wedding do get in touch.

  • Subscription Flowers - this months subscription flowers are due to go out next Thursday, my subscription is growing slowly but surely and I feel like I have a little flower community alongside me now - I love the second Thursday of the month to be able to drop these bunches of pure joy off to my lovely subscribers - for more info click here;

Have a lovely weekend and week ahead.

Much flowery Love



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