Be my Bloomin' Valentines !

Valentines Day is on the horizon and one of the best times to let someone know how much you love them, Roses are definitely the most obvious way of expressing your love, having been the favorite flower of Venus goddess of love from ancient mythology.

Bright red roses represent romance, burgundy meaning a love not yet realized, classic

red representing the deepest affection.

But its not all about the red roses - Lavender roses mean love at first sight!

Tulips are the next romantic flower gift representing perfect love, red tulips meaning true love.

Carnations another romantic flower with dark red expressing deep love and affection.

Orchids represent a mysterious and one of a kind love with beauty and strength.

Peony is a great flower for telling your significant other they are the most beautiful - although these beauties are only available in the months of June and July - so if you want to convey this emotion you better put it in the diary!

Daisy, I love you truly - I love daisies they are so delicate and understated - just like true love!

Lily of the valley, my love is pure

There are so many ways of expressing your love for someone special in you life but as always I am a complete flower nut and think that this is by far the best way to show your love.

With a bespoke mixed bouquet starting at £45 and only Red Rose bouquets starting at £50 be quick to order this year as I have a sneaky feeling there will be alot of love being sent out to make February a little brighter.

Alternatively for the flower lover in your life - why not gift the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to my monthly delivery of pre- arranged flowers. Then they will know that you love them every month - not just February. I can arrange for a single red rose to be delivered to you along with a gift card for a monthly subscription of any length you choose.

Check out my shop to snap up your beloveds bespoke bloomin' bouquet in time for Valentines.

Last Orders 8th February.



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