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LOVE Autumn?

So at the beginning of the year I was going to post a blog every month about how my cutting patch is growing and how it helps me to create some unique elements to my Weddings, Events and Funeral Work.

And then I got busy!!!!

With keeping up with my floral design business, my gorgeous children and the garden and the perils of keeping up my Social Media the blog posts got left behind!

So what have I missed? The long hot summer was great in some respects the Sunflowers and Cosmos absolutley loved the sunshine - others did not appreciate the heat so much. The sweet peas were OK but needed alot of water to keep them happy.

My Son and I took part in the #wildchallenge run by the RSPB a great challenge that really got me thinking about the importance of our gardens however big or small. Oh and we had fun doing it too - seriously check it out it runs all year round and there is a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award. Since doing the challenge we have gave our resident frog a special place to chill out, the birds have loved the food we have made them and of course the flowers have attracted all manner of bugs,moths and bees.

Now the nights are drawing in and the mornings are definitely colder doesn't mean the flowers are over in fact the Dahlias are doing amazingly well and the buds on them are still epic! The Roses have had a second flush and are filling up my home and arrangements with there scent (which is to die for!) Even the Cosmos is hanging on in there.

Collect your seeds now from any plant willing to produce them for you - I have a bumper haul of sweet peas, sunflowers and Calendula keep them in a cold dry place until you are ready to sow next year,

I will try my hardest to create another blog post within the next 3 months!! Until then ...

Clare x

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