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April = Spring Flowers

Soooo exciting to see the flower patch burst into life this month! The weather has been a bit weird though....heatwave one minute, hailstones and thunderstorms the next. Growing flowers has meant that I have become a little obsessed with the weather (even more so than the average British person!!) So apologies if I bang on about it in these blog posts!!

Such a busy month for me with both my Weddings and Events Floral Design and the cutting patch bursting into life.

We experimented with the Tulips and Daffodils this year to see which varieties would be on the list for next year. I must say the Parrot Tulip varieties were amazing. Such beautifully striking blooms that changed in the vase and lasted when they were cut for a good 10 days. My beautiful 'Angelic' Tulips will also be returning next year, their growth was a little stunted by the pesky cold snaps earlier on in March but they made great centre pieces when cut and placed in a small jar. The Steamtown Brew Co in Eastleigh

(https://www.steamtownbrewco.co.uk/ - check it out!) were lucky enough to get the left over cuttings of them for their tables.

The Anenomes were another star poping up all over the place! Their gorgeous poppy type blooms just make me smile and the varieties of colours they produce are awesome.

Sweet Peas and Cosmos are out after they did so well in their pots (all over the house!) they needed to go out into the garden - as in previous blog posts we are experimenting with the sweet peas - some have gone into the enormous blue barrel some are straight in the ground. If you are planting out your own sweet peas make sure you stake them and tie them on straight away to get straighter stems on your blooms. Keep a close eye on them as they sprout up quickly!! I have 'pinched out' the top of my sweet peas to encourage more growth and flower productivity - a bit scary but be brave it will come good in the end! I have also 'pinched out' the tops of my Sunflowers and Cosmos.

Poppy Seeds are in and sprouting like mad - these wont be used for cut flowers but I will harvest their seed pods for later on in the year.

Top Tip; My ever eagle eyed Mum spotted that one of the cafes local to her were giving away their used coffee for keen gardeners - it warns off the slugs and feeds your soil too so if your out and about check out whether your local cafe would be happy to package you up some to use on your own garden.

On the slug topic - we try to organically dissuade our slug foes to come up onto the cutting patch - we do this by putting egg shells into the compost, using the left over coffee and having our flowers in raised beds - however it does not always deter them. If you have to resort to slug pellets make sure they are the organic kind that are not harmful to children, pets or wildlife. If you can encourage slow worms, toads and birds into your garden it is much more worthwhile.

Jobs for May include sowing out the varieties that I've kept back because of the cold weather (sorry weather again!) I will be sowing out my Nigella, second set of Poppys, Aquilegia, wall flowers and Zinnia in the coming weeks.

I leave you with one of my favourite bouquets from my April Weddings - excuse the hair - to become a florist you have to embrace late nights and early mornings, it seems my hair has not embraced this fully!!

Happy Gardening for May xx

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