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Spring Equinox & Snow.... it must be March!

Tulip Beds,

So this happened this March!!

I was a little worried about how our carefully planted out bulbs would survive these sub zero temperatures but I shouldn't have, they are hardy little things and have surprised me no end with how well they are still coming on. This is the first year I have planted bulbs for cutting, so there won't be enough to use within my clients floral designs this year - I wanted to see which varieties did well and whether they did well at all considering they have no cover - I know some English Flower Farmers prefer to grow their spring bulbs undercover but unfortunately space doesn't allow that for me. That being said our beds are in a very sheltered Sunny (when its not snowing!!) spot. They are doing well but I will let you know which varieties make it into the bulk ordering for next year!!

But one definite is this variety of daffodils that were outstanding and lasted well over a week inside. As long as you cut them early morning or evening and cut just as the buds are about to break open & give them a good drink for at least 6 hours before arranging. Also helpful to note that the gooey sap from the Daffodils stem when freshly cut can poison other cut flowers. To avoid this make sure you either let them drink on their own until the sap has stopped oozing out (to be on the safe side 24 hours) & then rearrange with other flowers being mindful not to cut their stems again. They are thirsty flowers so refresh their water regularly to make them last!

They were a stunning addition to our Dining room table!

'Narcissi Tahiti'


After the snow subsided for the second time! We gave the beds a little TLC keeping on top of those pesky weeds now so they don't take hold, sprinkling some slug pellets about (you know the ones - not harmful to the birds & pets....no nasties!) and even managed to spray the up and coming Tulips and Alliums with some watered down Seaweed Plant Food - which not only gives the growing bulbs some well earned organic nutrients (including nitrogen, potassium, phosphate and magnesium) it also stays away any pests or disease that may be lurking.

In my pots lining the raised beds my herbs are just starting to spring into life - like this gorgeous black peppermint variety - I can't wait to use this in my floral designs as it smells amazing and the texture is great! Keep it in a pot though - mint will spread like wild fire!

With Spring Equinox on 20th March even though the Snow took us by surprise the sleepy Winter Garden is definatley creeping back into life and I am so excited for the months to come....I have started my seed sowing later than usual because of the harsh temperatures but next month I will go into this process in more detail - what and when and how I've sown all these gorgeous seeds that will grow into something amazing!!


I leave you with some miniature daffodils which I dig the whole bulb up and use for my living wreaths or biodegradable garden tributes. See you in April when hopefully the temperatures will have gotten a little warmer?

Clare x

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