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New Beginnings

Hi and welcome to my Blog, this year I am intending to go on a journey through our diverse amazing seasons, and show you what can be achieved in our very own back yard. If you are looking to get married in 2019 I am hoping this blog can show you what flowers are in season throughout the year and inspire you with varieties of flowers you hadn't even thought of for your wedding or events flowers.

About Me.....

I am passionate about flowers - I love growing them and getting creative with them. Last year I was lucky enough to have a 'cutting patch' built for me by my amazing husband in our back garden. I also have two equally amazing children who are often dragged into the garden to help with the never ending list of chores! Oh and I also have the support of my 'super Mum'at hand for growing & floristry support! Along with a whole host of truley amazing friends and family who are helping me achieve my flowery dreams, without whom none of this would be possible. Last year was a year of experimentation but I learnt so much and this year I am hoping to fill my brides bouquets with more of my home grown bounty.

About the Flowers...

The increase in the popularity of knowing where our produce comes from has come to the forefront of many peoples minds in recent years and it is no different for the cut flower industry. Flower Farmers up and down the country are growing in popularity as the demand for locally grown produce grows.

For me personally the quality and individuality of home grown flowers are awesome, no two blooms will ever be the same. There is of course the ethical side of home grown produce too - less pesticides, lower carbon footprint etc. I certainly have not used 100% British flowers in my floral arrangements in the past as it is just not viable for me to do so at the moment - but I am hoping that as the British flower movement grows in strength and popularity that I will soon be able to have access to (and maybe even grow more of my own!) British grown blooms.

I am hoping that this blog will take us on a journey to discover the seasonality of flowers again and just like fruit and vegetables the varieties that are in season are almost certainly the best there can be. I would love to inspire you to grow your own cut flower patch perhaps or inspire you to purchase more British blooms or just inspire you think differently about your wedding or event flowers?!

So why not sign up to my blog for 12 months of seasonal flowery loveliness!!

Click the above link or go to my 'blog' page on my website; www.bloominclares.co.uk

Clare x

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