Christmas Chaos!

I love this time of year - its all about the evergreen foliage and textures of seed heads or feathers that make everything interesting! Not so many flowers to play with and certainly none from my cutting patch but if you are savvy enough you will find gorgeous natural produce to adorn your homes with. I have been busy with bespoke wreath orders this year #loveyour door!

The traditional meaning of a wreath on your door was a Christian belief to mark the start of the advent - constructed in a circular shape to symbolize eternal life with no beginning or end. This is also achieved through the use of evergreen materials to construct the wreath.

Religious or not Christmas is defiantly a time to all come together, families and friends and all those who you hold dear. Once my fingers have recovered from the sub zero temperatures in my workshop I will definatley join in and raise a glass to you all for a very Happy Christmas! x

christmas wreath,

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